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May 5, 2021

Property investment in 2021. A year of new opportunities?

There are reasons to be optimistic over property investment in 2021 and the UK market moving forward, according to Paresh Raja. It’s safe to say that there will seldom be another year like 2020. It seemed like there was be no end to the unprecedented developments that caught businesses, consumers, and investors completely off guard. Of course, the primary instigator of said uncertainty was the Covid-19 pandemic; an ongoing crisis that governments worldwide are still clambering to tackle. A few weeks into 2021, however, and it seemed as though we may soon be entering the period of post-Covid-19 recovery. As the UK prepares to come out from under strict lockdown, the rollout of the AstraZeneca/Oxford and […]
April 30, 2021

UK house prices increase at fastest rate since 2004

High demand and low supply could create conditions for housing super-boom, says Nationwide House prices in April rose at the fastest rate since 2004 as the UK faces a potential sales “super-boom”, with buyers rushing to take advantage of the extension of the government’s stamp duty holiday. The average UK house price rose 2.1% in April compared with March, the biggest monthly rise recorded in 17 years, according to the mortgage lender Nationwide. The frenzy of activity in the property market pushed the average UK house price up by 7.1% in April compared with the same month in 2020, to a record of £238,831. The average UK home is worth £15,916 more than a year ago. The annual […]
April 29, 2021

Rise in Landlords Purchasing BTL Properties through Limited Companies

Rising numbers of UK and international landlords are choosing to register as a limited company to manage their portfolios and to take advantage of sizeable tax benefits. Thirlmere Deacon has seen a spike in international investors enquiring about forming a limited company, up 62 per cent year on year. It claims that further findings reveal that there were a record number of new limited companies set up in 2020, with 228,743 buy-to-let firms up and running. Last year, there were a total of 41,700 buy-to-let incorporations, an increase of 23 per cent on 2019. The numbers have more than doubled since 2016, rising 128 per cent, when tax changes for landlords were introduced. Between the beginning of 2016 and the end of 2020 more companies were set up to hold buy-to-let properties than in the preceding 50 years combined. Companies set up to hold buy-to-let properties were the second most […]
April 26, 2021

Government launch new £150m Help to Build scheme

Announced by Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick over the weekend, a major action plan, including over £150 million funding to help more people build their own homes, has been launched by the government. The Plan, which comprises new initiatives, marks a further step in the Government’s ongoing backing of the self-build and custom housebuilding sector in England: A new “Help to Build” low deposit mortgage scheme supported by over £150 million, funding for local authorities to develop public land for custom and self-build housing, a review into how delivery of custom and self-build housing can be increased and accelerated, a law review to enable more people to access plots in their local areas, and further support for […]
April 19, 2021

Buy-to-let remains profitable investment for many property investors

Despite tax and legislative changes, the number of buy-to-let investors selling their properties has slowed down. The sector as a whole has found ways to adapt to the recent changes. In 2020, the number of homes sold by landlords hit a seven-year low in Great Britain with 131,900 properties, according to research from London estate agency Hamptons. However, there were limited opportunities for landlords to sell up in the last year. The property market paused temporarily during the first lockdown in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, the eviction ban and six-month notice periods also came into effect for landlords. With tax and legislative changes coming into effect, some buy-to-let investors have sold up in recent years. Some were predicting there would […]
April 15, 2021

Revealed – in which UK areas has housebuilding activity thrived?

The latest new-build property market insight from BuildScan has revealed which UK areas have seen housebuilders take their foot off the gas in the last five years where housing delivery is concerned. The analysis shows that 792,890 new homes have been built across England since 2015, with new housing stock increasing at a rate of 6% a year on average. Below, we outline the other main findings. Largest annual rate of housing delivery The South East is home to the top three areas that have enjoyed the largest average increase in new-build delivery since 2015. Adur has seen a 286% average annual increase in new homes delivered in this time, with Gravesham (220%) and Sevenoaks (188%) also […]
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