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March 14, 2017
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Build-to-rent could deliver 240,000 new homes by 2030

Sustained levels of institutional investment could help deliver 240,000 new homes in the UK, a study has recently revealed. The report was produced by the British Property Foundation, Savills and the London School of Economics and has named the huge investment opportunity that the UK’s build-to-rent market offers could play a key role in fixing Britain’s growing housing crisis. According to the report, some options like building on prime urban sites close to public transport and addressing increasing demand for rental property could lead to a three times higher level of housebuilding than currently. Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy at the British Property Federation, commented: “By measuring build-to-rent’s growth and the other benefits it delivers, and…
March 13, 2017

Research reveals how much a home ‘earns’ for an owner

Property owners in one in three areas in UK areas earn more from owning their home than they do from their work, new research has found. Overall house prices outpace owners’ earnings in 119 areas and 17% of all local areas have seen average house prices increase by more than total average pay, according to a study from home lender the Halifax. Average house prices have increased by more than total average employees’ net earnings in 31% of local authority districts in the past two years and the proportion of areas where house prices are outpacing earnings over the last two years has edged up from 28% in 2015. More than nine out of 10 are…
March 13, 2017

Surge in house prices see fastest rise in 12 months

The latest data from Your Move has revealed that house prices grew at their fastest pace for 12 months in February, with average prices increasing 0.6% – double the rate in January According to the report, strong performance in the East of England, new peak prices in Merseyside and Birmingham, and a return of growth in high value London property pushed average prices up to £297,832. Despite this boost, annual house price inflation continued to fall for the twelfth consecutive month, dropping to 2.4%, the lowest annual rate since 2013. Estimated transactions in England and Wales in February, at 62,000, are also down 0.4% on January, but year-to-date remains higher than in 2015 and 2013. A…
March 10, 2017

UK property market growth continues to rise modestly apart from in London

Modest growth is continuing in the UK property market but the outlook is less positive in London than the rest of the country, according to the latest report from chartered surveyors. Some 24% have seen a rise rather than a fall in prices over the past three months and the North West was seen to have performed particularly well with a net balance of 64% reporting rising prices. However, central London bucked the growth trend with 62% of respondents saying that prices had fallen rather than risen during the same period. But it is in the private rented sector that the biggest change is likely with the report from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)…
March 10, 2017

House price growth exceeds net earnings in a third of districts

The latest Halifax research has shown that during the last two years, 31% of UK local authority districts average house prices have increased by more than employees’ net earnings – edging up from 28% in 2015. According to the report, more than nine out of 10 are in London, the South East, South West and the East of England with these four regions accounting for 111 of the 119 areas. Halifax claims that the biggest gap between rising property values and earnings was in Haringey in London. House prices in the borough increased by an average of £139,803 over the last two years, exceeding average take-home earnings in the area of £48,353 over the same period…
March 9, 2017

Property supply up over 13% in UK towns and cities last month

There are signs that the supply shortage in the UK housing market could be easing with the number of properties for sale up 13.3% in towns and cities in February. Overall the supply increased in 83.7% of towns and cities but a number saw listing fall and London saw it rise by just 4.7% last month, the data from online estate agents HouseSimple shows. Warwick saw new listings rise by 76.2%, while in Edinburgh and Carlisle supply was up 59.7% and 54.6% respectively. But supply fell by 12.6% in Bottle, by 12.4% in Guildford and by 8.5% in Salford. Other locations that are seeing supply rise significantly include Lancaster with a rise of 48.1%, High Wycombe…
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