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January 17, 2017

Last year saw more first time buyers in UK but they are older and pay more

The number of first time buyers in the UK is estimated to have reached 335,750 in 2016, up 7.3% and the third year in a row of growth, according to a new report. It means that those getting on the housing ladder for the first time have reached their highest level since the start of the housing crisis in 2007, according to the latest Halifax First Time Buyer Review. Having reached an all-time low of 192,300 in 2008, the number of home buyers getting on to the first rung of the property ladder has grown by 75% to its current level. However, first time buyer numbers still remain 17% below the immediate pre-crisis peak of 402,800 […]
January 17, 2017

Property prices up 0.4% at start of year in England and Wales, similar to a year ago

Residential property prices in England and Wales increased by 0.4% at the start of the year, not much change from the 0.5% recorded a year ago, the latest index data shows. The £1,086 monthly rise took the average price of a property to over £300,000 and asking prices are now up 3.2% year on year, the figures from property portal Rightmove show. But there is some considerable regional variations with prices up month on month in four regions and down on a monthly basis in five, including Wales, while they were unchanged in the North East. The biggest rise was in the South East with asking prices up 1.5% to £404,804 and up 5.5% year on […]
January 16, 2017

Brexit unlikely to dent London as focus for property investment in Europe

London will remain an attractive location for commercial property investment in Europe despite Brexit although some banks and financial organisations may move out of the city, new research suggests. They could look to take space in other European cities such as Frankfurt and Berlin as a result of the decision by the UK to leave the European Union but the outlook report from real estate services firm JLL suggests that the numbers will be small. JLL predicts that 2017 will see no real clarity on the eventual Brexit deal and that the UK economy will grow less strongly than in recent years but will still outperform most other developed nations. It also forecasts that there will […]
January 16, 2017

Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds named the best for buy-to-let

The three northern cities, along with Cardiff and London, have been named the most lucrative places to invest in buy-to-let properties, a report by Martin & Co revealed. Rental demand was cited as one of the strongest indicators for a great buy-to-let location. The biggest factor influencing this indicator is the number of people competing to rent one particular home, which ensures investors string returns. Manchester and Leeds are both currently experiencing particularly strong growth. And demand, which has already been increasing over recent years, will only experience bigger growth with more companies relocating to those cities. Furthermore, the report by Martin & Co has also stated that demand is the biggest factor in the decision […]
January 13, 2017

Manchester council vows to build up to 2,000 affordable homes a year

The council plans to bid for various pots of government cash, including a new fund announced in the Autumn Statement Manchester town hall has vowed to build up to 2,000 new genuinely affordable homes a year amid growing public and political concern about housing costs in the city. Fury had been growing for among backbenchers for some time over the boom in upmarket city centre apartments, none of which have included any cheaper homes as developers have repeatedly argued they cannot make them pay. A series of fraught private meetings towards the end of last year saw councillors repeatedly press the leadership over the issue. Now – for the first time – bosses have drawn up […]
January 13, 2017

UK Property Loan Notes: Phase 2 now available!

Offering Fixed Returns of up to 60% Rising property prices can often mean that the option of investing directly in property is simply not available to investors seeking to invest smaller sums. Partly because of this, property loan notes have become increasingly popular in recent times as they allow investors access to the UK property market, but without the major downsides of having to make long-term commitment of significant funds, or indeed having to manage the property personally after purchase. Empire’s UK Property Loan Note Investment is a perfect case in point. This product gives investors access to the UK property market at whatever level suits their needs, yet still produces highly attractive fixed returns. Phase […]
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