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October 26, 2016

Post Brexit, the UK property market is picking up nationwide

The residential property market in the UK is beginning to pick up nationwide for the first time since February with prices and buyer demand both up, the latest index report shows. The data from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) also says that market confidence continues to improve following some jitters just after the European Union referendum but Brexit is not having a major impact. Some 8% more chartered surveyors reported an increase in buyer enquiries in September, a significant turnaround in new buyer enquiries compared to June when a net balance of 34% of respondents reported a drop.
October 26, 2016

Higher stamp duty has had impact on prime regional property in UK

There is now clear evidence that the introduction of much higher rates of stamp duty for homes over £1 million in the UK almost two years ago has created a two speed prime regional housing market. The latest analysis report from real estate firm Savills shows that recent price growth has been dictated more by house size and value than by location and overall buyers in this sector are more cautious due to stamp duty and an uncertain economic outlook.
October 25, 2016

Investment returns to UK buy to let market after stamp duty change

Buy to let landlords and new investors are returning to the UK market after stamp duty change earlier this year with enquiries up 30% since May, the latest data shows. The tracker report from Rightmove describes it as ‘a substantial’ boost to the buy to let market following a short term dip when the 3% stamp duty surcharge on additional homes was introduced in April 2016.
October 25, 2016

Brexit fails to dampen demand for house building in UK

Consumer demand for building work in the UK remained resilient in the three months following the vote to leave the European Union, new figures show. But developers must not be complacent as while the construction industry is like a weather vane for the property market as there are still challenges, according to a new report from the Federation of Master Builders (FMB). The biggest challenge is a lack of skilled workers with almost two thirds of smaller builders struggling to find bricklayers and over half, 55%, finding it hard to find enough carpenters and joiners.
October 24, 2016

More property rentals than sales for first time since 1930s

As first-time buyers continue to struggle to get onto the housing ladder, forecasts suggest that 2017 might be the first year in eight decades where property rentals will outstrip property sales. With the cooldown after the Brexit vote, the lack in supply and the increase in prices, activity in buying property has experienced a slow dip as of recent, the UK’s largest estate agent, Countrywide, has revealed. Johnny Morris, research director at Countrywide, said: “As some would-be buyers and sellers sit on their hands, Brexit-induced uncertainty has continued to boost the rental market … September saw record activity, with increasing numbers of lets agreed and tenants choosing to renew their contracts. On current trends 2017 could…
October 24, 2016

All You Need To Know About Fixed Income Bonds

What are Investment bonds? Unless you are a seasoned investor, you may not know what investment bonds are and how they can earn you money compared to other types of investments. Firstly, we must define bonds: they are basically IOUs (informal documents that acknowledges a debt owed) emitted by companies and governments to make their capital increase. In this way, investors buy this debt and, in exchange, the company pays an interest–also known as a coupon, fixed income or fixed interest asset–at predetermined intervals (usually annually or bi-annually) and returns back the original investment amount on the expiration date, ending the loan.
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