Fixed Income Secured Bond – Offer Now Closed

12 Month Fixed Income Secured Bond

We are pleased to be able to offer an exclusive 12 month short-term Fixed Income Secured Bond offering a 10% yield payable on maturity.

The Bond has been designed specifically to offer investors maximum capital protection at all times via a fully-underwritten Investment Management insurance policy that has been designed specifically for the Bond issuer’s business model, and is fully underwritten in the London Insurance Market. All capital invested in the Bond is fully protected by this market-leading policy which has received significant professional plaudits from leading underwriters. It is a true statement of corporate responsibility and investor capital protection. Not content to rest here, the Bond issuer continues to work on a daily basis with its retained insurance partners to proactively assess any new and developing risks within the investment management sector.

The Bond issuer will use the proceeds of the issue to generate a high-yield fixed income from private debt trade programmes that would not normally be available to individual investors. High yield is achieved by buying debt at discounted prices and selling it simultaneously to corporate clients according to agreed criteria, a process known as arbitrage. This is a regulated activity which is part of the Fixed Interest Market worth trillions of pounds each year.


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The Bond offers investors multiple layers of security, including:

  • An independent FCA regulated Security Trustee with the authority to sell underlying investments should the Bond issuer default on any payments to investors.
  • A ring-fenced “sinking fund” that will hold reserves to the value of all capital invested and interest due.
  • A first fixed charge over certain investments made by the bond issuer.
  • All client funds are handled exclusively by an FCA regulated payment services provider.


The Investment Opportunity

The company is seeking to raise up to £200 million via this Bond offer which is open until 31st December 2016.

Investors who meet the minimum investment criteria will benefit from a high fixed return in only 12 months from a Bond offering that has been designed from the outset to offer investors market-leading capital security.

The company is seeking to raise up to £200 million via this Bond offer which has now been extended into 2017

Features of the Fixed Income Secured Bond

High Growth Fixed Income Secured Bond

Looking for exceptional capital growth potential over a longer time period? Our High Growth Fixed Income Secured Bond could be just what you are looking for.

Offering fixed returns of up to 50% over 3 years, this Bond shares all of the other features that makes the 12 Month Fixed Income Secured Bond such an attractive investment opportunity in its own right - but this time with even greater capital growth potential. This is one of the many different Bond variants that are now available offering investors options ranging from income generation through to capital growth.

Contact us today to discover how the Fixed Income Secured Bond can best add value to your investment portfolio and help you meet your personal investment objectives.

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