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Direct Property Investments has an experienced team of property consultants to answer your questions and guide you in the right direction with your investment planning. With over 20 years´ experience in the property sector, we carry out due diligence and select only the best-performing property opportunities in major UK cities that will offer the highest capital growth for both first time and experienced investors.

Featured on this website, you will find select UK property investment opportunities, but we also offer a number of both residential and commercial property investments, so be sure to contact us today to find out what options we have available to help your money grow.

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Why Invest in the UK Property Market?

The UK property market has traditionally been a safe haven for investors, and the recent rise in property prices throughout the UK, including the demand for premium rental property in affluent urban cities such as London and Manchester, has created a huge interest from shrewd investors in getting a foot in the buy-to-let property investment market. For example, in central London prices increased by 12.8% on average in 2014, with one borough showing an annual price increase of 23.5%. London rental yields are increasing five times faster than the rest of the UK as an average, therefore, demand for prime London property is continuously outstripping supply.

Property investments can help protect and smooth out the total return of your portfolio over the long term and provide a commercial hedge against inflation. They can also protect you against unforeseen market conditions, absorbing fluctuations in other investments within your portfolio. Whether this is your first property investment or you are a seasoned investor, our consultants will endeavour to offer investments that most suit your financial goals.

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