What our clients say

John C

I find the home visits very very useful indeed. It’s a USP of your business and one that I hope will continue. Straight forward, no hard selling and they respect my time. Frequent contact with the team helps to make sure new opportunities can be discussed freely but without pressure. Queries get answered quickly and I like the spread of products. The Admin Team were very patient with me in my early days and allow the occasional old person blunders to be taken in their stride. All good in my world. On my Client Liaison Manager’s recent visit we were able to talk much more about my expanded portfolio and how I plan to work it. He is aware of my three year plan to only have a couple of brokers managing a reduced selection of products. I have taken a lot of comfort in what is a unique market for me from a Team who are all are very effective in maintaining a relationship with me and acting as the go between for the end user, and the borrower. The Client Liaison Manager’s visits enable networking of data which is vital to client decision making and are very supportive.

Jean C

Staff were very willing to answer all my questions until I decided it was the right time to go ahead. Very pleased with everything.

Helge B

Products offered are well assessed and researched. My primary contact and has always provided direct and useful information enabling major decisions to be made in a timely manner. Direct Property Investments have met all their commitments on the range of investments with which we have been associated. My Sales Consultant  is a very significant asset in the business and has been a great help with our repeated investments.

Jack M

The personal touch - it give me and others I may introduce confidence  in the company. The office call me regularly just to see if I’m happy.

John H

Clear to understand answers and not pushy. Attractive interest rates without too much risk.

John B

Everything has gone to plan so far - and I really like the chance to have personal meetings at my home.

Frank J

Always found them very willing to answer my detailed questions and concerns. I am sure I will invest again in future.

David T

Friendly, polite and very knowledgeable team. Absolutely recommend them without hesitation.

Gemma W

Thanks guys, I really appreciate the time and effort you put into helping me.

Tom C

Impressed by the rates on offer - and the way that this investment has started out.

Jack J

Very happy with the returns received from my investment over the past few years.
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