UK Property Loan Notes – Rooftop Extensions and PRS

UK Property Loan Notes Investing in Rooftop Extensions and the Private Rental Sector Across the UK

Designed specifically to offer investors an asset-secured, flexible and convenient way of accessing the UK property market. Loan Note investments offer informed investors the opportunity to receive excellent fixed returns over an agreed investment term, with capital being returned in full at the end of your chosen investment period.

Recently introduced structural changes in the buy-to-let sector have reduced its allure for many investors. Property-based Loan Note investments offer an attractive alternative way of accessing high-demand areas of the property market by providing funding for innovative development solutions, such as Rooftop Extensions, which are aimed at exploiting otherwise under-developed spaces in sought-after locations.

Why Rooftop Extensions?

The company has identified a new and exciting opportunity to deliver rooftop apartment living in cities across the UK which provides a huge opportunity for the creation of new homes through development of underused rooftop space in existing residential locations. Access to a large pool of potentially suitable properties is provided through a strategic partnership that provides a pool of 1800 potential development sites across the UK.

From these, the company has pinpointed a number of locations suitable for delivery of rooftop development as well as the associated considerations of planning, design, sustainability and construction.

Strategic Benefits

  • Delivery of much needed new homes to meet housing needs
  • Enhancing asset value and use of existing properties
  • Innovative – use of offsite homes manufacture will speed delivery and reduce disruption to occupants
  • Green – potential opportunity for use of renewable energies to reduce energy consumption

Financial Benefits

  • Creation of a significant windfall payment for freeholder, linked to market value of the new apartments
  • Reduction in maintenance burden for freeholders/leaseholders
  • Improvement in the kerb appeal of properties through associated improvements to façade and elevations

An Example Rooftop Extension Project

  • 30 apartments over 3 additional floors
  • High value, high demand area
  • Purchase Cost - Nil
  • Build Cost: £5.4m
  • Total sales: £14.4m
  • Gross Profit: £9m
*Figures based on management projections

Key Features of this Property Loan Note investment include:

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